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about us

Our Mission

The idea to create the Bwindi Foundation was born in 2017, when its Founder, Katutsi John, experienced the extreme poverty and Homelessness in the Nteko Village of South West Uganda.

Since then, we have achieved a lot and continue to improve our facilities for the children. We have built a school, that is constantly being expanded to cater for the growing number of sponsored children in Bwindi. We have dormitories to house orphaned children, and we have many more ongoing projects. We hope to continue growing and to help as many young children and families in Nteko as possible.

We are a registered Not For Profit Ltd. Company Number - 13911281

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Volunteer for the Cause

Would you like to visit Bwindi and make a difference in person? Check out our Facebook page for more details.

New effective ways to get better education

Help us take care of children and avoid disasters that are caused by ignorance. Join our community to become a volunteer and make a difference!

George Reynolds


World’s crisis victims need your support now

There are thousands of people who have lost their homes and jobs to natural disasters all over the globe. You can help them find shelter and start a new life.

Melissa Moore


We are committed to working with children

Rescuing kids’ lives and helping them survive in Africa is one of the main reasons why our organization functions. Join our volunteer group today!

Brian Walker


Building a Better Future

We provide services for children and young people whose families need support, who can’t live with their birth families, who are are disabled, and who are the most in need.